running fierce always

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June 2016

Broken Sanctuary and the Weight of Rape Culture

April 2016

On Biking Boston and Street Harassment

March 2016

Surviving Nightmares – Through the Night and into the Day

February 2016

Holding Trauma – Yours and Mine

Continuing to Police Bodies and Behaviors Only Adds Fuel to the Fire

January 2016

December 2015

Writing Eulogies and Moving Through Grief

November 2015

When Rape Culture Highlights Exactly What’s Wrong with the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement

October 2015

What Not to Say to Someone who is Unemployed: A Primer

Evictions, and Moving, and Stress, Oh My!

September 2015

It Shouldn’t Happen to You

#HelmetAdventures – Boston to P-Town

August 2015

Happy Lantz Day – An Open Letter to my Sister

A Year Out – A Post for My Grandmother


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