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About Me

This is the spot where I’m supposed to sell myself, my blog, and what makes this different from all the other blogs and people writing them. However, I’m new to blog writing and to publishing pieces in general. So I’m not really sure what is going to the be the ‘stand out’ feature of my blog. I can promise a great journey of posts as I figure that out and I encourage folks to check back often for a variety of topics, insights, and personal discoveries.

I have been involved in social justice and anti-sexual violence work for the past decade and frequently focus on intersections of justice, violence, privilege, and oppression both in writing and conversation. I am constantly striving to create a better version of myself and to improve the communities and spaces I am a part of. I consider this an everyday aspect of my life because I believe that my communities and greater society can be a better place and that we each have a role to play in creating that.

I am constantly on the move and love physical challenges. I have found so much of who I am through running and constantly use it as a form of self-care and a way to connect with the world. I’ve completed a range of half/full marathons and triathlons. I’m aspiring to complete a 5k/10k swim in 2016 and am accepting all tips, plans, and votes of confidence.

Other fun facts:
* I love to sing and dance. Anywhere. Anytime.
* My hair is amazing and I am always trying to figure out new colors and styles for it.
* My favorite animals are pandas and hippos.
* Hardcore extrovert. I truly don’t know how to stay at home.
* I eat all cookies in one sitting. Cookies are my favorite food.

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Trail running in California
Trail running in California

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