I don’t have many words, but I believe that is rather expected at this time. I remember feeling a gut wrenching fear and apprehension as a warehouse full of queers in North Carolina counted down to the New Year. To 2017. There was so much talk about the terrible year that was 2016 but I questioned why we were so eager to usher in 2017.

When stress combines with trauma responses, it can be a challenge to remain focused. Fight. Cry. Retreat. Act. Learn. Read. Educate. Talk. Sigh. Start over.

The only message that I continue to hold onto is to love. Love fiercely. Love myself and others as fiercely as possible and refuse to let go.

So, for today, I offer love and support and solidarity to all who need it. We will do this together.

Creative outlet because I wanted colors and didn’t have the ability to string together fancy words at 3AM.